4 Twitter Tips for Nonprofits

Twitter is popular among nonprofit organizations due to its engagement levels. Unlike Facebook, Twitter is used more for networking and sharing short pieces of information.

Twitter is great for building brand awareness and making new connections.

Twitter’s 140-character limit lends itself to posts that are concise, specific, and sharable. 

Nonprofits can effectively build connections and increase donations with help from the steps below:

  1. Embrace hashtags

    Hashtags increase search ability of your tweets, so make sure to use a hashtag that will attract users to your page.

    Be original! When tweeting, try to use an evergreen hashtag that is consistent with your brand and your message.

    When possible, use trending hashtags to increase traffic and engagement. But make sure to research the tag first! It may be connected to something you don’t want to associate with your brand.

    tweet without hashtag

  2. Include visuals

    Since much of social media today is visual, it is no surprise that posting images and video increase engagement on Twitter.

    Including visuals is a great way to share information that requires more than 140 characters. Don’t forget to include your logo and hashtag since visuals have increased share ability.

    Additionally: Twitter is a great place for call to action images that can boost engagement levels.

  3. Set aside time to engage

    Schedule 15-20 minutes 2-3 times a day to respond to tweets and engage with new followers. Show users that your brand is interested in hearing what they have to say.

  4. Live tweet

    Live tweet during events to build interest in your organization. Show users what you’re doing to raise awareness and donations.

    Post photos in real time and ask for attendees’s username to tag them in photos. This adds a level of engagement for supporters in attendance because it recognizes them on social media, which may encourage increased involvement with the organization.

Twitter is a great social media channel to increase engagement and involvement between users and your organization. Remember: be creative and don’t forget to hashtag!

Here’s an example of how to turn this into an email newsletter using Canva:
4 twitter tips for nonprofits


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