6 WordPress Tips for Beginners

  1. Don’t neglect the “about” page

    It is important for websites to have a static page, which is where the content remains unchanged, to let readers learn about your business. This is most commonly done through the “about” page, which should have information about the business/brand and what it can do for your reader.

    The “about” page is a great place to share images/media centered on what your business has done/is doing. Show readers who you are and how you can help/what you have to offer. Humanize your brand.

    Also: include the contact information for your business

  2. Share! Share! Share! 

    Make sure you’ve enabled the share buttons at the end of each post so that readers can share the post on other social media sites like Pinterest or Twitter. This helps spread the word and generate more readers.Make sure to have a targeted image accompany the post to attract new readers on other social media platforms.

    Additionally: share the post on your own social media sites encouraging others to read and share. Sharing, after all, is caring.

  3. Incorporate visuals/media

    Each post should include an image, graphic, or media that is relevant to the post content. Not only do visuals enhance the quality of the post, but also it increases the likelihood of readers sharing your post.

    A well-placed infographic or meme can increase the readability of the post and encourage people to keep reading.

    It is important to note the usage rights of images and it is important to give credit where it is due. Make sure to use Google’s search tools to find images labeled for reuse to avoid copyright issues.

    When possible, it is best to use your own images/media, like the above meme created through Meme Generator. Another great website is Canva.

  4. Be aware of language

    Keep it simple! Your blog may have a diverse readership and it is important to keep your sentences easy to understand and informative. Be wary of unnecessary or highly specialized language, but also don’t use overly simplistic, short sentences. Give your reader some credit.

    Use keywords as well to improve your blog’s SEO.

  5. Choose effective titles 

    Along with being aware of your post’s language, be aware of the title. One of the most important elements of a blog post is the title. It draws the reader in and should be direct and to the point.

    An effective title is informative, interesting, and attractive. After all, this is one of the first steps to getting readers to your blog.

    The title should use keywords to increase SEO.

  6. Don’t forget about SEO

    SEO (search engine optimization) is how search engines find websites to show under search results. It is important to have words in your post match what you think your target audience will search. Having an optimized site will help your target audience find your website.

    Using plugins, such as Yoast SEO is a great way to manage and keep your website’s SEO up to date.


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